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The Timebenders Experience is a musical romp through the ages featuring the best dance music and outrageous impersonations of the greatest stars over the last 60 years.

A very fast-paced and high-energy presentation makes this show irresistible to dancers – and with amazing costume changes and up-beat choreography, an exciting show to watch!

Six performers are constantly moving and rotating positions bringing you an ever-changing, fresh look and sound throughout the evening as the Timebenders’ show covers almost every musical genre from the vocally-charged harmonies of the 50′s, the British Invasion, California and Motown sound of the 60′s, Glam Rock and Disco beats of the 70′s, the New Wave of the 80′s, Divas of the 90′s and even some surprises from this past decade and hits of today! There is literally something for everyone in a Timebenders’ show making this group the perfect choice for any demographic and any event.

Aaron Scoones

Lead Vocals, Guitar

With his amazing vocal ability and exceptional musical skills, Aaron adds a whole new dimension and flavour to the group. His kind, easy-going mannerism is a pleasure both on and off the stage, and his natural stage-presence and ability to connect with the audience makes him the perfect front man!


Bryan Kelly


Originally from Victoria, BC, Bryan is an excellent all-round musician and alumni of the famed Selkirk College in Nelson. His amazing technique and steady rhythm adds a terrific dynamic to our show. Bryan’s attention to detail and professionalism is evident in every performance. His quick wit and sharp sense of humour keeps everyone on their toes.


Thomas Kinzel

Keyboard, Vocals

Thomas is nothing short of amazing. A gifted and multifaceted musician, he brings a solid sound to the stage with his nimble fingers and wonderful vocals. With his state-of-the-art setup and expertly trained ear, he is able to perfectly replicate iconic synth and keys sounds from any song. He’s been a staple on the Jazz scene for years and even performed with David Foster, sharing the piano bench at the same time!


Allegra Bonifacio

Lead Vocals

This pint-sized powerhouse brings a whole new level of enthusiasm and great vibe to the stage. Her ability to nail the voices of the stars is terrific, it’s almost as good as her dance moves! This girl “brings it” to every show and never fails to whip the crowd into a frenzy! She is as beautiful as she is talented and steals audience’s hearts every time!


Jesse Carvalho


With blistering fast guitar solos and an energetic presence, Jesse brings an electrifying and flashy element to the stage. Growing up with 70’s and 80’s hard rock influences, and gaining a well rounded musical ability through the Victoria Conservatory of music, studying jazz and classical guitar techniques, Jesse brings a versatile and exciting energy to every performance.