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Option A

Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight’s entertainment is one of the most unique groups in North America. They’re one part Las Vegas Show, 1 part Dance party and 2 parts fun.
They have performed from Florida to Acapulco, to Hawaii, to Alaska and everywhere in between, including the private 5000 square foot rumpus room of Bill Gates.
Get ready for a “Rock down Memory Lane” with the best hits and stars over the past 60 years….please welcome, the Timebenders!

Option B

For over 20 years the Timebenders have been filling dance floors all over North America. Tonight, you’re going to see some stars and hear songs that will take you back…..and some that might even scare you a bit! But don’t be frightened, get ready to have the time of your life…please welcome, the Timebenders!

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